Sony 84″ XBR 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony 84"


Sony’s flagship tv for the UHD range offers a whopping 84″ of high def imagery and challenges projectors. The big screen comes with big pricetag: $24,999.

Size: 84″

Price: Around $2,000

Video inputs: Componentn video, compositive video, D-Sub (PC, max res 1280×1024), HDMI x 4

3d: Yes, passive

Network connectivity: yes, WiFI and LAN


Hisense XT880 55″ 4K

Hisense 55"


Hisense is coming to market with their 55″ UHD set priced around $2,000. Despite the lower price range Hisense is targeting, they haven’t stripped all the goodies from the TV set. Features include built-in WIFI and smart TV apps like Opera web browser, Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, Twitter and Facebook.

Size: 54.6″

Price: Around $2,000

Video inputs: 4xHDMI (1x UHD, 1x ARC, 1x DVI, 1xHDMI)

3d: No

Network connectivity: yes, WiFI and LAN


Samsung 65″ 9000 series

Samsung 65" 4k Ultra HD

With the 64″ 4K TV Samsung promises to take entertainment to a whole new level. The TV comes with Samsung’s “precision black local dimming” and “micro dimming ultimate” features which are said to enhance the contrast and levels of black. As most of the current high end televions, this 9000 series set also features the usual Smart TV stuff.

Size: 64.5″

Price:  $4,999

3d: Yes, active classes

Video connectivity: HDMI x 4, Component, Composite, RF (terrestial/cable)

Network connectivity: LAN, WiFi